Thursday, May 12, 2011

not my garden (a.k.a. perhaps more pictures than you want to look at)

Maybe the title should be, "not MY garden." In case later I write a post about "not my GARDEN."

I love walking around midtown, and having a dog gives me a reason to do that often. One of my favorite things is to look at other people's front-yard gardens - particularly veggies and other edibles. It seems that more and more people are adding such things to their landscapes. (The photos follow the descriptions of them.)

This is a little raised bed on U Street, kept (I think) primarily by the kids in the house. This is the only photo where my dog makes a guest appearance.

On S Street.
Another on S Street, and another favorite of mine. Are these some kind of berry? Looks like it, but they're not familiar to me.

Same garden. The berries are in the shade, to the left. Then mint, and artichokes. This strip is between their driveway and their next-door-neighbor's yard.
Same garden, again, but this time between the sidewalk and street.
And it looks like they're adding a new bed this year.
And a couple of beds to the house-side of the sidewalk.
Same garden - overview.
This is an empty lot across from the old Newton Booth school. From this view, you can hardly tell there's anything there.
But this spring someone put a bed in. Yay!
This is another favorite of mine, on 27th Street, more toward the North section of midtown. Again, between the sidewalk and street.
More of the same. I met the nice gardener, who was happy to chat (and glad I wasn't from the city & trying to outlaw her garden or something).
Same garden.
Same garden.
And again, the 27th Street garden - an overview.
View from across the street.
I'm forgetting where I took this, but it looks to me like this person is trying to do edibles...
Now this is my favorite garden of all. It's on 19th Street. There's an empty lot next to a big old house/apartment building, and the next-door residents have started gardening the lot. It's awesome, and keeps getting bigger.
More of the 19th Street garden.
Looks like they're expanding this year.
Close up. Eggplant (I think), and ?
19th Street garden from yet another angle.

Strawberry patch on 19th Street.
Another angle.

I'm forgetting where I saw this new bed. Maybe O Street?

But here's the clue that they are doing edibles...
Thanks for coming along on a front-yard garden tour of my 'hood!


muddytoes said...

How great to see all of those edibles growing in front yards. It gives me hope... for our town and for the future. :)

Kelly said...

Muddytoes - I feel the same way!!