Friday, August 19, 2011


Hello. Long time, no blogging - on my end, anyway.

Here's the story: In May it was settled that I'd be transferred for work, and life became a jumble of organizing and finishing one job, getting ready to start another, and getting ready to move.

Two weeks ago we moved to Davis - not the ends of the earth, but a move. And we moved into an apartment (sort of), so my "gardening" now will be limited to a small patio.

All of this is to say: our house is on the market. Please buy it. Tell your friends.
It's "staged," so it looks fancy. (It looks "not us.")

And, I have some garden stuff to give away. Chicken wire, landscape cloth, plant pot trays... A hibiscus in a pot, and a pot of silverstripe bamboo. Sometime I'll organize myself and maybe let you know the whole list. In the mean time, if you want any of the above, and can pick it up in the 95818, let me know...

Heck - if the buyers don't want them, we'll be giving the damn rain barrels away!

Happy gardening, y'all...