Thursday, May 12, 2011


Thank you to everyone who responded to an earlier post with encouragement and suggestions and questions about my potatoes. I meant to dig down and look at what was going on. In fact, I meant to plant a brand-new batch. But I was busy, and never got around to it. Then I went back to the bed - and it's full of potatoes.
Even the second bed has one potato coming up now.
So. There you go.

And in the category of gardener silliness...

People don't stake asparagus, right? Well, I did.
It was flopping over, as asparagus does, and it was in the way of my little walking path. I was afraid I would hurt the asparagus.
So, yes - I staked it. And though I feel a bit silly about it, I think it looks nice.

And last - we finally have artichokes! Can you see them?
Here's a close up.


CoastalCAGardener said...

Glad to hear procrastination was the best cure. ;-)
Love to hear in the future about any updates.

Carri said...

You've reminded me to check on my potatoes....haha! And congrats on the artichokes! Just wait a year- then you'll have more than you can handle! My co-worker told me they are $2.50 a piece at Safeway right now- it makes sense as to why we've had so many stolen!

Andrea said...

Very nice 'alcachofas' artichokes, I am trying to do the same in my garden, as many edibles as possible, i crumbled 6 tomato plants in a 5'x5' space adn they are growing extremely well despite someone said we could only grow four in there. plants compete when they are close up!