Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Tour, Part II: outside the fence

Most of the edibles (i.e. the more interesting plants) in my yard are grown along the sidewalk. I wanted to look up the Sacramento garden blogger who calls hers "full frontal gardening," so I could link to her and give her credit, but can't find it at the moment. I love stealing good ideas.

This is my boysenberry trellis, 2011. Blooming nicely.

This is the part of the garden I am most excited about this year: breaking ground on a brand new bed. The bed is 4'x10', which, in my little Midtown lot, is HUGE! It used to be roses and bulbs. It may well get more sun than anywhere else in our yard. I'll add home-made compost, and expect to be able to put tomatoes and peppers in by the end of the month.

Here are the bulbs I removed. (The roses I gave away. Hooray for Freecycle!) Even though it's completely the wrong time of year, I will divide and replant as many of these as I can find places for.

Here is my artichoke plant. Nary a 'choke to be seen. I think maybe Bill Bird jinxed me. (Or else he was just plain right.)

My two original raised beds look lovely, thanks to the self-seeding of last year's California poppies and alyssum.

Oh: and nasturtiums.

The problem is finding it in me, now, to dig up some of that gorgeousness to make room for my veggies...

One of my favorite spots is my little patch of Alpine strawberries in the front yard. I adore Alpine strawberries, because they will grow in light shade/filtered sun. I've eaten a half-dozen this spring, and they are tiny but delicious.
With lots more to come!


Christine said...

How exciting -- a new bed! I'm sorry to hear about your artichoke, though. Thanks for the tour! Your poppies look so pretty. Don't you love flowers that self sow?!

Bill Bird said...

AUGH! I love your boysenberry trellis! I looped my boysenberry around a teepee structure last season and now it's loaded with flooms and FALLING OVER. Note: Don't do what I did. I will now have to build a trellis to save my flowering boysenberry bush from falling completely out of its raised bed.

It's not too late for chokes. I'm just early this year. Give it another week or two. Carri Stokes wrote that she let a lot of her chokes flower last season, and it hasn't hurt her production a bit this year.

Remember, I don't know what much, other than how to kill plants. With abandon too.

Kelly said...

I don't know... "knowing much" comes from trial and error, I say. So killing things might make you an expert.

& Christine - I DO love flowers that self sow!

Andrea said...

I love your flowers! I am also growing allysum and cali poppies I hope the self seed like yours
:) I am following