Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Tour, Part I: behind the fence

Since I'm back at it, dear reader, how 'bout a little tour?

We begin our tour in the back yard, around our patio. These are three pomegranate plants I started from suckers last year. Eventually I will choose just one to keep. I hope to have it in a huge beautiful pot on the patio one day. (You can see a bit of the grape trellis on the right side of the photo.)
The grape vines I planted last year are leafing out and growing nicely. Time to do some work training them on the trellis.

Here is the fig tree that was new last year, and the blueberry bushes, newly planted in pots last year. All coming along nicely. (This is the East wall of our house.)

And the blueberries are covered with fruit!

Next, we move to the side yard. I planted potatoes in two of my side beds. I have to admit I'm not very optimistic about them (it's the first time I've cut potatoes rather than planting them whole, and they looked so shriveled!). We'll see.

It's hard to see with the shadows, but this is my asparagus bed. I planted 6 crowns last year - 5 sprouted. Of those, 3 returned this year. I don't get to pick any to eat until next year. I'll have to wait until next year now, to replace the crowns that did not come up this year.

I read somewhere a suggestion to plant strawberries with asparagus, since both are perennials. So, I put in two plants this year.

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